Company News | Dec 23, 2021

First Outdoor Barbecue experience is opened in Dubai - Masdar magazine

The United Arab Emirates is characterized by its exceptional nature in the winter season, which turns into an atmosphere damaged by cold and fresh air, and raindrops sometimes and showers at other times, and in this context and in line with the campaign “The Most Beautiful Winter in the World” adopted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President The Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, and the strategy of domestic tourism in the UAE aimed at developing an integrated tourism system at the state level to regulate local Emirati tourism, Trans Emirates Livestock Trading Company -Which is the only importer of live Australian livestock in the Gulf since 1973 and the largest distributor of fresh meat in the Gulf and the Middle East - with the opening of the first outdoor barbecue experience “Al Mawashi Braai” in Mushrif National Park. Al Mawashi Braai offers a unique experience for the first time in the United Arab Emirates Specifically in Dubai, where the place is considered one of the most beautiful places that offer the self-experience of barbecue in the lap of nature, embraced by the charming atmosphere of Dubai during the winter period. The place is characterized by a modern design within the elements and elements of multiple and varied attractions to make it one of the most important places to attract residents and tourists in order to enjoy the distinctive atmosphere of BBQ and the taste of delicious meat with the experience of self-barbecue. Al Mawashi Company is the first company to offer the public a smart application in the sale of sacrifices, livestock and meat in cooperation with Dubai Municipality, and now it is the first company to provide self-barbecue service. All you have to do is book your table through the website, specifying the time and number of people. Choose your favorite dishes from appetizers and grills from meat in addition to drinks by scanning the QR code and the specialized team will fulfill your requests immediately During the past few days, the official opening of “Al Mawashi Braai” took place in the presence of the company’s management members, a group of journalists, social influencers and a group of dignitaries, in Mushrif Park. For details and reservations, please visit the website: Or call 800888822

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